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Insights and information to arm you with as much as we can to increase your knowledge on property management and investment

May 2024 Market Update

Tuesday, 11 June, 2024

Are rents stabilising as we note the latest OCR announcement along with new upcoming changes to rental laws...

Our Story: From Humble Beginnings to Leading Property Managers in Christchurch

Tuesday, 28 May, 2024

Celebrating 28 years in business, we reflect on our journey from humble beginnings to leading property managers.

March 2024 Market Update

Friday, 01 March, 2024

This month we delve into economic updates, housing market trends, and rental insights for informed property decisions.


Wednesday, 16 November, 2022

Helpful hints and tips via our Property Management Best Practice Series to help you be a better landlord

December 2022 Market Update

Thursday, 01 December, 2022

Regulation of property managers is coming and so is Santa!


Friday, 18 November, 2022

How's the tolerance levels? Missed rent can be tricky to resolve - here's some helpful hints and tips...

Finding Your Perfect Student Flat

Tuesday, 05 June, 2018

Who will you live with? Where will you live? Old or new? How much will it cost? When do you start looking? Let us help you...

March 2023 Market Update

Friday, 10 March, 2023

No surprises with the OCR increase, we discuss fixed vs periodic tenancies and look to the local market...


Friday, 10 March, 2023

Maintaining a good relationship with your tenant and ensuring your rental remains healthy are great reasons for regular property inspections.

September 2023 Market Update

Friday, 01 September, 2023

Spring blossoms & political momentum: Insights from Christchurch to Wellington's economic landscape – challenges and trends unveiled

May 2023 Market Update

Monday, 01 May, 2023

A few curve balls for investors but we are sitting in a good position to see out any turbulence the market and central Govt. want to throw at us.

August 2023 Market Update

Tuesday, 15 August, 2023

New Zealand's dynamic month includes sporting events, policy shifts, and upcoming elections....see what we think this month

Smart Choice: Holding onto Your Investment Property

Tuesday, 20 June, 2023

In the face of market downturns and political elections, resist the urge to sell your residential investment property hastily.

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