NZ Property Tri Series 2018

by Claire Wilson on Sun Aug 2018
NZ Property Tri Series 2018

We love sharing our knowledge, insights and inspiration to encourage you to use property investment as your vehicle for wealth creation to achieve your desired lifestyle.

Most people know we are more than just property managers or ambulances at the bottom of a cliff - we love to share our knowledge and inspire people to invest in property to achieve their goals in life. 

This year we decided to team up with some other key businesses - ANZ, Tony Mounce Mortgages and Corcoran French Lawyers to bring Canterbury the NZ Property Tri Series 2018.


The current climate for investors can seem quite scary and many think it’s just too hard to stay in property investment.  We wanted to support investors and show we are here to help them get through this down turn and be grateful they are still in the game when the upward cycle comes around again.


We think there are three key areas of concern to investors in 2018 – legislation changes, how to grow your portfolio in a downturn or even get started and how to plan with the end game in mind.


ANZ hosted the first event at the new ANZ Building in the city, this was a sell-out at 120 attendees. The focus was on how the upcoming legislation changes affect property investors and what to do to keep your head above the water – such as the new RTA amendments, Healthy Homes Bill, meth and asbestos testing. 

Our guest speaker, David Faulkner, business owner at Real IQ, NZs No.1 property management consultan'ts and our Q&A Panel with representatives from our partners created a lot of hype and discussion throughout the evening. 

We seek out relevant sponsors for each event making it easy for attendees to work with reliable companies, we welcome you to use these guys too - Community Energy ActionHeatstore and CSI Drug Testing.


We aimed our second event at a different group of investors and clearly hit the nail on the head as we had to upsize the venue at the last minute due to a sell-out of 300 attendees! 

With a cooling property market and the Labour Government introducing tax changes that affect property investors, you need to adjust your strategies if you are to profit from property investment. The old strategies that worked during the boom phase are not as effective at this stage in the cycle, but there are plenty of new ideas that will allow you to create equity and cashflow - if you know what to do.

Our guest speaker, Matthew Gilligan, well-known property expert and author and managing director at Gilligan Rowe & Associates, covered a lot of ground in his presentation sparking lots of ideas for those in the room to take action. 

These ideas had our sponsors fast-talking as everyone acted to make plans – thanks to Cube Cabins, Williams Corporation, Pink Fit and Property Ventures Real Estate.


Numerous investors regularly contact us asking for ideas on what, where and how to invest their current equity or wanting to “weed-out” the not-so-good properties in their portfolios and buy newer, easier to manage properties. 

The third event in the series will cover these questions and give inspiration to diversify your investments as you reach the end of your wealth creation mode.  This event will be in November with our guest speaker, the well-renowned Martin Hawes. </p

Martin is a financial author, seminar presenter and a financial advisor.  Martin is an Authorised Financial Adviser and Columnist with the Sunday Star Times. He has written 20 books, most of which have appeared on the Best-sellers list and several have sold well into five figures. The best known is on Family Trusts which was published in 1995 and which has sold over 100 000 copies. He has written many other books on topics such as Property Investment, Shares, Tax, Mortgages and Superannuation. This event will be another sell-out for sure.

Given the enormous response to this year’s events we aim to roll these out next year as well.  If you know of anyone who may be interested in joining us please feel free to share our blog.

We hope to see you at our next event!

Claire Wilson

Claire Wilson

An active investor with her husband Hamish, Claire loves to inspire & inform others & works alongside the team ensuring we continually grow to provide a high quality service.