Insulation Deadline 30 June 2019

by Claire Wilson on Sun May 2018
Insulation Deadline 30 June 2019

Landlords aren't insulating rental properties fast enough and tens of thousands of properties could fail new standards with a deadline now only one year away.

Landlords don’t get caught out the clock is ticking…

You are still held to the Residential Tenancy Amendment Act 2016. This means you need to have your insulation up to standard by July 2019 or face a $4000 FINE. Ouch!

Good news! We have teamed up with Warm Fuzzies - Insulation Brokers to ensure all our property owners have received quotes for insulation compliance by June 30, 2019.

Insulation underfloor

We just wanted to let you know - we've got you covered.  We will go ahead and have your property assessed and email you the comprehensive report which includes quality photographs of your existing insulation status all for just $50+GST.  If you are compliant the report becomes your insulation statement, as required by law.

If there is remedial work to be done, just like a mortgage broker, Warm Fuzzies provides you with a range of quotations from quality professionals for you to choose from.


THE KEY PART - All you have to do is let us know which quote you choose, credit us some funds and we will organise to have your insulation installed.

You will receive a certificate of compliance after the work has been completed, and a $50+GST credit off the total install price.  As an added bonus, if you return you accepted quote to us within five working days, you will receive an extra $50+GST credit. 

More information including products, installers and their customer testimonies can be found at

Claire Wilson

Claire Wilson

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