Renting From Us

The properties we have available for rent are advertised on our web page, the Christchurch Press and Trademe. All available properties are included in our rental list, which is updated daily.

Our rental properties are made available for viewing by phoning our office for an address. We ask you to drive by first to ensure it is in an area you like and the look of the property appeals to you. We then ask you to phone us to make an appointment to meet us there and view the inside of the property.

Once you have viewed and decided on the property you will then be asked to complete a Rental Application Form.

It is important that every person who intends to occupy the property complete this form. It should be completed in full so that your application can be processed promptly. Rental Application Forms can be completed at the property and left with the Property Manager, dropped off or emailed to our office or filled out online.

Once we receive a completed application form, we will undertake a thorough credit and reference checking process and a decision made on the most suitable applicant for the property.

If you are the successful applicant, we will arrange for you to sign a standard Tenancy Agreement, associated forms and pay the first weeks rent and a letting fee to secure the property. If the property is not available immediately, you will be required to pay one weeks rent and a letting fee to secure the property until it becomes available. Please note that we only accept cash.

If however, the property is available immediately or within the next few days you will also be required to pay the bond in cash, which is the equivalent of three to four weeks rent. Payment of the bond is required before the keys to the property will be handed over.

Our experienced Property Managers are here to help you every step of the way and ensure the process is as simple for you as possible.